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Use of Lighters in Everyday Life
A lighter is a portable device which is useful to light or ignite various things. You can use the lighter for various purposes like lighten the stove, ignite cigarette, light up candle, campfire and much more. The lighters are also available in various types like Grill Lighter, Candle Lighter, Plasma Lighter, Arc Lighter, Stove Lighter and Cigarette Lighter and BBQ Lighter.

Generally, the lighter functions either on fuel or on electric power. When you buy a lighter, you can choose the one which is more convenient. When you use a fuel lighter, you should keep one butane fuel bottle with yourself, so that you can refill the lighter whenever the fuel is finished. If you don’t like refilling fuel in lighter, you can choose the Electric Lighter.

The Electric Lighter comes with an inbuilt battery and charging cable. You need to charge the lighter by USB Cable time to time. This lighter also contains an LED Light that lights up when the lighter is charging. You need to charge the lighter for one to two hours after a long time usage. Electric Lighter is comparatively safer to use than the Fuel Lighter. In case the Fuel gets leaked from lighter in travelling, it can spoil your bag and other stuff with butane fuel.

When you decide to buy a lighter, you should find a candle lighter for multiple uses. Because multipurpose lighter will be helpful to light up stove, candle and fire. You can perform different tasks with one multipurpose lighter rather than buying 3-4 types of lighter. However, some lighters are good at candle lighting and not in campfire and other tasks.

The quality measures are very important in a lighter. Companies who produce lighters, they perform some quality and safety experiments before start selling it. So as a customer, you don’t get into trouble while using the lighter at home or an outdoor place. The Lighter must be strong enough to remain normal in higher temperature in summer as well as it should light up easily in cold winter season.

The child safety button is the most required feature in every lighter. When you don’t have any use of lighter, you should turn on the child safety feature. As you active the safety button, the lighter will not ignite even if your child keeps pressing the ignite button. The child safety button saves your child from burning injuries which are caused by careless use of the lighter.

As we have discussed above, you should buy a lighter which can be used as a candle lighter, stove lighter and other purposes. Some Lighters come with a flexible neck which helps you to ignite fire in a limited space area.
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